At our complimentary first meeting we can get
to know each other in a relaxed environment
and discuss your ceremony, what has meaning
to the two of you and who you are as a
couple.  We will go over the flow of a
ceremony so you can truly visualize it, then
discuss ways to make your ceremony unique
and meaningful to the two of you.  Before we
meet I have a wonderful package of
information which includes sample
ceremonies, additional readings and ideas,
and wedding license information that I can
mail or e-mail to you.   I will take your
selections and blend them together to create
a beautiful wedding service, attend your
rehearsal and, of course, perform your
ceremony.  I will also mail in your license for
registration afterwards. My goal is that we
co-create your ceremony so that it has a
genuine connection to the two of you and truly
reflects your relationship.  
"These rings represent a wholeness where nothing is
missing and absolutely everything is possible."
Denise Adkins
Wedding Officiant